Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Odd Site SortedByName is an Amazing Genealogy Resource conglomerates info on people from a number of great Genealogical sources.  It links the original source and the info provided.  The site has people basically listed by name.

Ok, if you go directly to the site you might be confused as it's hard to figure out it's navigation successfully so I recommend instead starting from Google.  I typed in the site name followed by my last name, followed by the county in Ireland I wanted.  I got several pages that came up all from there.

So my google search was: "sortedbyname miley wicklow"

I then just clicked on any one of them and then did a find on page for "Wicklow".  This lead me to MANY, MANY genealogical sources for Mileys that lived in Wicklow, Ireland.  These included obscure resources like US local municipality websites that had local obituary listings of pioneers that came from Wicklow but also had many mainstream resources like the 1901 and 1911 census from Ireland.

Again, amazing genealogy resource, but the site design needs work.  It's like a harder to navigate craigslist feeling site.  Again, just start from Google.


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