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I had a conumdrum yesterday trying to substantiate whether or not a Susannah Seymour(b 1738) in my tree was the child of a Daniel Seymour (b. 1698).  Because that would mean that my 10th great grandfather was an earlier governor of one of the 13 colonies in early america named John Webster.   I found several trees in ancestry that supported this but not one source in those trees that actually validated the connection.

I did some extensive Google searching and got a result from

I found over 10 references to Daniel Seymour (b. 1698) in Connecticut.  The resource helped me find one book written in the 20th century that validated the claims based on another old resource I couldn't find, it does help in my mind that the person who wrote the book was the main vital records guy for that county in the early 20th century.   I found another  resource that validated the information but I couldn't find the original source volume but I did find other volumes in that series, so it is just a matter of time.  I also found a third resource that at least validated the number of children.   I did find one resource that purported something completely different but based on the other three resources the number of kids weren't right (there were way too many) and neither were any of the kids names. 

As a result I am reasonably certain that Daniel is really Susannah's dad and that my 10th great grandfather is actually John Webster.

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